Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tribunal aims to produce interim report on fresh water issues by 24 August

On 6 August the Presiding Officer of the Waitangi Tribunal’s National Fresh Water and Geothermal Resource Inquiry, Chief Judge Wilson Isaac, issued memorandum-directions indicating that the Tribunal will endeavour to produce an interim report by 24 August 2012.  The Tribunal had previously indicated that it would report on stage one of the inquiry in September 2012 and had requested that the Crown wait until that time before proceeding with the sale of shares in state-owned power generating companies. The 6 August direction responds to a memorandum submitted on behalf of the Crown on 2 August that requested the Tribunal to complete its stage one report by 24 August.

For more information about the Tribunal's direction, you can read the rest of this post at the Māori Law Review website.